1) Is Face-Ticker part of Facebook?

No, the Face-Ticker platform is an independent project of Masterrating Gesellschaft für Webanalyse- und Bewertung mbH, based in Munich, Germany.

2) Where does the Likes data come from?

Masterrating pulls Likes data directly from Facebook and itself computes Likes growth since your lastst refresh.

3) Are the values and changes on Face-Ticker subject to delays (time lags)?

Various tests have shown Likes movements on Face-Ticker to be virtually synchronous with Facebook, with delays amounting to only a few seconds.
As a rule, Face-Ticker sequentially updates data in intervals of approx. 2-4 seconds, with no changes visible in the interim.

4) What does the “last refresh” counter do?

Shortly after the Face-Ticker page has loaded, the timer starts counting. At the same time the first Likes growth of each Fanpage is queried and afterwards displayed in the frontend. This process reiterates continously, so that the accumulated Likes growth is displayed for individual Fanpages since timer start. Whenever you click on the “refresh data” button, timer and Likes growth start up from scratch.
The timer automatically runs for a maximum of 999:59 minutes, at which point data is updated automatically.

5) What are the growth figures marked in yellow?

These figures always indicate the three fastest-growing Fanpages of a category or of the Top 30. If the growth rates of more than three pages are marked in yellow, some pages are growing at an identical rate.

6) May Face-Ticker be employed for example as a marketing or monitoring in addition to private uses?

Yes, it can. The website can be used for various purposes by enterprises and media after previously consulting Masterrating. Please contact Masterrating for more information under Imprint.

7) Who is behind Masterrating?

We are a young firm with a few old hands of diverse business backgrounds. Our objective is to set new analytical standards in the area of Social Business.